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Mission: Flag Recovery

Combining the Fun of a Scavenger Hunt and Capture The Flag

City Chase

Cops and Robbers Behind The Wheel

Sizzle Robots Game Company

Welcome to our Game Company!

We are a father and son team (with a little help from a six year old sister). Currently, we offer 2 great games. They each have a unique and interesting story behind the game.

Mission: Flag Recovery

For Thanksgiving 2014, we had dinner with our extended family. Travis was getting ready to leave to see cousins, aunts, and uncles, etc. He wanted to play a game with them, but not one that he had already played. He had an idea and gathered a few supplies - pieces of paper, plastic keys, and a pen. Matt was visiting with family when Travis asked if he wanted to play a game with them. A small group played it continuously until dinner. Afterward, Matt suggested to Travis that the 2 of them could make a version of the game and sell it. The first versions were very rough, and were sold as the "Bargain Bag" game. Matt then suggested that if they each put a little money in, they could buy some supplies that would make a much better game. Travis agreed, and now, they produce a really nice homemade game that they have sold almost 200 copies of during the last 2 years. The "Bargain Bag" has even returned, but with the updated game pieces.

City Chase Board Game

Both Matt and Travis like trains. Travis has a very extensive wooden train and railroad track collection. They both often build layouts in Travis' room (and sometimes also a very helpful 6 year-old sister) and conduct trains around the arraignment of tracks, crossings, and splits. Eventually, they started playing a game of cops and robbers with very similar rules to the current game - you speed up and slow down to outmanuver the other player. One day, Matt suggested reworking their train game into a board game. Travis liked the idea and the game was converted into a road based game - since that is where cops and robbers ride.

Available To Purchase:

Always: The Fancy Unicorn, 52 N. Market St., Elizabethtown, PA
GEARS Ocktoberfest 10/22/2016
Ooo Wee Mini Con 101/29/2016, Harriburg, PA
LLS Blood Sweat and Tears 5 Miler 11/5/2016, Lawn, PA
Holiday Extravaganza, Acorn Farms, Mt. Joy 11/16 & 17
Mary Queen of the Church Bazaar, Mt. Joy 11/8 & 11/19

Past Events

York First Friday Christmas Tree Lighting Event

Elizabethtown Rotary Club Talk

Travis was invited to talk about Mission: Flag Recovery at the local chapter of the Rotary Club. He gave a great speach and had a good time.