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Mission: Flag Recovery

Combining the Fun of a Scavenger Hunt and Capture The Flag

City Chase

Cops and Robbers Behind The Wheel

Sizzle Robots Game Company

Welcome to our Game Company!

We are a father and son team (with a little help from a six year old sister). Currently, we offer 2 great games. They each have a unique and interesting story behind the game.

Mission: Flag Recovery

For Thanksgiving 2014, we had dinner with our extended family. Travis was getting ready to leave to see cousins, aunts, and uncles, etc. He wanted to play a game with them, but not one that he had already played. He had an idea and gathered a few supplies - pieces of paper, plastic keys, and a pen. Matt was visiting with family when Travis asked if he wanted to play a game with them. A small group played it continuously until dinner. Afterward, Matt suggested to Travis that the 2 of them could make a version of the game and sell it. The first versions were very rough, and were sold as the "Bargain Bag" game. Matt then suggested that if they each put a little money in, they could buy some supplies that would make a much better game. Travis agreed, and now, they produce a really nice homemade game that they have sold almost 200 copies of during the last 2 years. The "Bargain Bag" has even returned, but with the updated game pieces.

City Chase Board Game

Both Matt and Travis like trains. Travis has a very extensive wooden train and railroad track collection. They both often build layouts in Travis' room (and sometimes also a very helpful 6 year-old sister) and conduct trains around the arraignment of tracks, crossings, and splits. Eventually, they started playing a game of cops and robbers with very similar rules to the current game - you speed up and slow down to outmanuver the other player. One day, Matt suggested reworking their train game into a board game. Travis liked the idea and the game was converted into a road based game - since that is where cops and robbers ride.

Available To Purchase:

Always: The Fancy Unicorn, 52 N. Market St., Elizabethtown, PA

Past Events

York First Friday Christmas Tree Lighting Event

Elizabethtown Rotary Club Talk

Travis was invited to talk about Mission: Flag Recovery at the local chapter of the Rotary Club. He gave a great speach and had a good time.

A local craft fair.

A Mini Gaming Convention in Harrisburg, PA

Travis was invited to talk about his games on the locally produced radio talk show Friday Live Lancaster

Travis was recently features in our local newspaper The Elizabethtown Advocate